Nice talk with Tim O’Reilly & Jennifer Pahlka #TechSummitPR

TechSummitPR 2015 is now over; it was a GREAT experience, lot of networking, interesting talks, meeting old friends, and it really was a delightful opportunity to meet the greats and be part of the future.

Two of those amazing people were Tim O’Reilly (Founder of O’Reilly Media) and Jennifer Palhka[1] (Founder and Executive Director of Code for America); Both their talks were advocating for an open government and citizen engagement in the process to improve, create or just fixing current government services using the U.S Digital Services Playbook[2].

Right before the press conference, I got the opportunity to get introduced to them; we shared some passion doing what we do, the motivation in making PRGOV, they even talked about their recent honeymoon trip!. Talking to these personalities is really an honor and pretty inspiring, yes.. We are talking about the guy who helped rebrand free software under the term open source, popularized the phrase Web 2.0 and both has been propagating the notion of “government as platform” (Gov 2.0) with policies via Open Data[3];

At the end, Jennifer did extend an special invitation to us (Andres Colon, Technology Officer at the Office of the CIO of the Executive Branch of Government, and me) to one of their biggest talks in September —I think in Washington— to talk about our progress, how well we were doing and keep sharing ideas on how to better our government services.

Looking forward to meet them again in Washington or here in Puerto Rico, it was a pleasure. See you at the next TechSummitPR 2016.

[1] TED Talk Coding a better Government.
[2] U.S Digital Services Playbook https://playbook.cio.gov.
[3] Interconexión de Datos Abiertos de Puerto Rico https://data.pr.gov.